""A Brand Story, the Beginning.

Every idea starts with a problem and continues with creative sparks! Ours was not too simple! There is a saying that goes, if healthy, not tasty and if tasty, not healthy. That was our first challenge. There was no way to overcome this challenge but to create a new vision and attitude. That is when Spricho was born. Spricho was born to meet the markets demand for a healthy and tasty food. Spricho was born from those visions and attitudes to grow, play and compete with the global giants in the market field. The name Spricho is a Persian word meaning “Swallow”. Swallows are associated with love, Loyalty and symbolizes peace in Persian Culture. We are committed to delivering high-quality and healthy products to show loyalty and peace to our customers. That’s how we  gain your trust in our Spricho Style.

Together with your partnership, we have accomplished great things! Now, we promise to make our utmost effort to build Bullet-proof customer relationship in order to reply you support so we can climb the ladder of success.