Meat products have always been one of the most popular meals in different cultures in the world.

It has been 91 years since the arrival of Russian Mr. “Lichensigi” in Iran.This year for first time, meat products were produced by her in a small volume for Russian how were living in Tehran and for people of Bandar AnzaliNow, it is 91 years since producing of first meat products in our country.In this period, this industry has gone through many ups and downs, from production of pork meat products for cafes and luxury foreign restaurants before the Iran revolution to the memorable sandwiches of the sixties decade.

Unfortunately, with the increasing in demand of meat products and also issuing of unauthorized licenses in recent years, the quality of meat products has slumped badly in the country’s market.

Due to daily price change of raw material, import problems and …many companies have been forced to use cheap and sometimes unsuitable materials to reduce the price of their products to survive in the market. Due to the need of healthy and tasty products in the market, we made up our mind to inaugurate Toutiye Fard Industrial and Protein Complex in 2018.To reach our goal, we started to invest a two million project with topnotch equipment in an area of 30 hectares in city of Zanjan.Soon after that, the factory was inaugurated in February 2018 employing few workers at starting point. Right after the inauguration, we began taking FDA permission, Iranian Standard Licenses to start production in October 2018. In order to enter international markets, we were honored to host Mr.Saleh Rafik, International Halal Organization CEO in our factory. Special thanks to our hardworking team, we could receive International Halal Certificate and Excellency Certificate in the same year. Our products were launched under ”Spricho” trade name which is a Persian name meaning swallow resembles peace and serenity in Persian culture.Due to market demand for our products, we are now honored to announce that we have employed more than 70 of people in our company.We believe that there are few reasons we could gain people trust in our products. Using the newest machineries, high quality raw material, finest imported stabilizers and flavors, precise and real formulation on labels are the main reasons that we could have your trust in our products. Today, we are thankful to God that we have made our utmost effort to produce high quality products based on international standards and we hope we can keep on moving in the same direction. We have never introduced that we are the best, however we always try do our best to remain in our path. We are planning to develop new production lines since the demand for our products has increased recently and we hope that you stay with us as long as we care about your concerns.At last but not at least, Spricho team is willing to be one of the biggest and trustable companies in food industries so it can employs thousands of personnel. We believe that dreams will come true through efforts and hard work. Future is bright and it will be more sweet when you stay with us.Thank You